Types of chemical hoses and how to choose high-pressure hoses

by:Haikuo     2021-06-18
The company’s main products include high-pressure steel wire braided hose, high-pressure steel wire wound hose, fiber braided hose, fiber wound hose, armored hose, food hose, oil hose, metal hose, etc. The conveyor belt is equipped with a fabric core and is resistant to high temperature. Flame-retardant and heat-resistant conveyor belt.
We use all kinds of pipes in our lives. They have different forms and special materials. But most people think that they don't understand chemical hoses, and even rarely use them. In fact, this is not the case. There are basically three types of chemical hoses, namely, heavy-duty chemical hoses, standard chemical hoses and light-duty chemical hoses. The heavy-duty chemical hose is specially manufactured for some special projects. It is made of very strong materials at present. It has the characteristics of good safety, robustness and convenience. It is suitable for high pressure, high drop and windy work. According to the application characteristics of the high-pressure hose, according to the working pressure of the system software, the high pressure of the high-pressure hose is clear. Each high-pressure hose often has a normal pressure, and the engineering working pressure of the high-pressure hose is 3-4 times the great pressure. The higher the working pressure, the more careful the number of layers of stainless steel wire and the more careful and meticulous manufacturing of the product. Therefore, according to the specific working pressure of the system software, the high pressure of selecting high-pressure hoses can ensure the normal operation of the system software and select suitable applications. High-pressure hose
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