Typical use of PU steel wire hose: woodworking vacuum hose, woodworking machinery hose, sweeper vacuum hose

by:Haikuo     2021-06-23
As a wear-resistant hose and anti-wear protective tube, PU steel wire hose is usually used for suction occasions, especially for abrasive solids, such as dust powder, fibers, woodworking vacuum hoses, woodworking machinery hoses, ceramic machinery Hose, ceramic factory vacuum tube, blanking hose, sweeper vacuum tube, debris and particles. Gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper or accumulated fiber suction. You can also use these flexible wire hoses for lawn and leaf collection and fume removal. Can be used for multiple purposes.
  Properties: steel wire hose, steel wire suction tube, PU steel wire hose has high abrasion protection and abrasion resistance 6 times higher than most rubber materials, and 5 times higher than soft PVC. The interior is smooth to optimize flow characteristics, extensibility, high tensile strength and tear strength. Good resistance to minerals, oils and chemicals, good resistance to ultraviolet rays and ozone, and low temperature expansion. The bending radius is small, it is not easy to kink, does not contain softener and halogen, and does not leak gas and liquid.

   Flame retardant requirements meet; UL94-HB standard, in line with ROHS regulations, grounding through spiral wire can discharge static electricity. The spiral elastic steel wire is firmly implanted into the wall of the tube to optimize the external fluidity and the wall thickness is about 0.9 mm. Temperature resistance range: about -40°C to +120°C, up to 150°C in a short time, other specifications, lengths and other requirements can be customized.
  Material: polyurethane PUR, spiral wire, elastic steel wire. It is more than 10 times more wear-resistant than ordinary hoses and rubber pipes. It can better meet the transportation requirements of various industries. It can be antibacterial and hydrolyzed. It has good chemical resistance. High pressure, vacuum and compression resistance, high shaft strength, very smooth material, food grade conforms to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and 178.2010, EC guideline 2002/72/EC (formerly 90/128/EEC), wear-resistant suction tube bending radius Approximately equal to the outer diameter, can discharge static electricity (according to BGR-132, formerly ZH 1/200) spiral wire grounding.
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