Utility model of vacuum unloading hose for train unloading device

by:Haikuo     2021-06-18
Utility model of vacuum unloading hose for train unloading device
   In the past, the train used the direct discharge method, and the excrement was directly discharged onto the roadbed. Pollution and even the spread of germs. And it caused a lot of trouble to the road maintenance workers. In order to solve the problem of train unloading, at present, after all trains of the railway and some air-conditioned express passenger trains arrive at the station, the ground unloading equipment is used to unload the train's sewage tank, and the sewage is transported to the ground sewage disposal device . Domestic and foreign railway sewage unloading technologies mainly include mobile sewage unloading vehicles, centralized vacuum sewage unloading systems, decentralized sewage unloading systems, etc., and vacuum sewage unloading technology is the most popular. The principle of vacuum decontamination technology is to use the force generated by the pressure difference between vacuum and atmosphere to uniformly attract and transport the mixed flow. The main feature is low vacuum and mixed flow of gas, liquid and solid. Compared with the traditional vacuum sewage unloading system, its advantages are simple operation, small floor space, low investment and maintenance cost, stable and reliable performance; however, the sewage unloading hose connected to the vacuum pump in the distributed centralized sewage unloading system is very Long, drag out when used to connect with the drain port on the train car, when not in use, it needs to be dragged back to the vacuum unloading box for storage; in order to avoid damage to the vacuum unloading hose and to facilitate drawing and recovery, a convenient guide must be designed The roller device to ensure implementation.
   A pipeline inlet and outlet roller device for a distributed centralized sewage unloading system, including an upper roller set and a lower roller set for the sewage discharge hose to pass through; the sewage discharge hose is stored in a coiled manner In the box of the sewage system; the upper roller set and the lower roller set are both quadrangular structures, and are installed in a stack at the upper opening of the box, and the overall structure is a large bucket-shaped structure; The sewage discharge hose can be stretched out or recycled in any direction of the bucket.

   The train sewage discharge device includes a sewage discharge hose, a quick connector, a hose coiling mechanism, a guide wheel mechanism, an automatic control device and a sewage discharge unit box; one end of the sewage discharge hose is connected with a quick connector, and the other end passes through Through the guide wheel mechanism, it is connected with the sewage pipe located at the inner cylinder of the reel of the hose coiling mechanism, and the pipe is guided and recovered by the guide wheel mechanism; the hose coiling mechanism is connected to the automatic control device through a line. The coiling mechanism, the guide wheel mechanism and the automatic control device are all installed in the sewage unloading unit box.
  The sewage discharge hose plays an important role in the whole process of sewage discharge. The quality of the sewage discharge hose determines the use effect and lifespan of the sewage discharge device. Aiming at the working environment of the sewage unloading device, Hangzhou Haikuo has developed a special vacuum unloading hose LKE505 suitable for the unloading of high-speed railway trains, which can be adapted to the unloading hose coiling mechanism to coil and stretch the unloading hose. At the same time, the dirt unloading hose is also excellent in vacuum resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high and low temperature resistance (temperature range: about -40°C to +125°C. It can reach +150°C in a short time), static electricity, etc. performance.
  1. Due to the built-in steel wire, the vacuum sewage hose has certain resistance to positive pressure and vacuum negative pressure.
  2. Adopting the polyurethane imported from BASF in Germany, its air tightness is higher than other raw materials. The gas coefficient refers to the rate of gas permeating a specified area of u200bu200ba sample under a certain temperature and pressure. The permeability of the same material to different gases sometimes varies greatly.
  3. The vacuum sewage hose has strong tearing and tensile properties. Tear strength is the ability of a material to resist tearing. The tear resistance of polyurethane steel wire pipes is very excellent compared with natural rubber.
  4, high wear resistance protection. With lower reinforced metal wire and narrow tilt (abrasion resistance is 6 times higher than most rubber materials. Soft PVC is 5 times higher); the interior is smooth. Makes the pipe flow more smoothly . Abrasion resistance, oil resistance, mold resistance, antimicrobial resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high pressure resistance, vacuum and compression; high axial strength, high tensile strength, and tear strength. Good chemical resistance. Good UV and ozone resistance; small bending radius. Not easy to kink. No softener and halogen. No gas and liquid leak. Vacuum sealed; RoHS compliant. Grounding through spiral wire can discharge static electricity.
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