Vacuum hose is an indispensable part of industrial vacuum cleaner

by:Haikuo     2021-06-17
With the wide application of hoses in our production and life, more and more types of hoses have entered our field of vision, and vacuum hoses are one of them. Dust suction hose, as the name implies, is a hose specially used to absorb dust in industrial production. A small body has a great use, let's take a look at the great use of the vacuum hose!
   Vacuum hose is a component of industrial vacuum cleaner. An industrial vacuum cleaner is a machine used to absorb and collect waste in industrial production. It can filter pollutants in the air and have the effect of purifying the air. It can also clean up the environment in industrial production workshops. A large part of the powerful functions of industrial vacuum cleaners is due to the good performance of the vacuum hose. Due to the excellent function of the vacuum hose, industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb different types of metal, non-metal, oil, water and other particulate pollutants and liquids. At the same time, the dust suction hose can also absorb toxic and harmful gases in industrial production. It can also effectively improve the quality of the produced products when used in the cotton spinning industry. In the chemical industry, it can absorb some expensive catalysts for recycling.

   Vacuum hose is an environmental protection device. With the patron saint of industrial vacuum hoses, industrial vacuum cleaners can prevent certain occupational diseases that can harm workers. For example, welders can inhale particles in the working environment that can cause lung disease. The PU steel wire vacuum hose is specially designed and applied for industrial vacuum cleaners. It is satisfied with the piping of different industrial vacuum cleaners and can be used in various special environments such as dust collection, ventilation, dust exhaust, and water flow. Nowadays, society is more and more aware of the importance of protecting the environment. Industrial vacuum hoses are adhering to the concept of green and environmental protection to contribute to the social environment.
   Vacuum hose has its unique and good performance. First, the industrial vacuum hose is non-toxic, harmless, and halogen-free, and meets the requirements of the social environmental protection directive; second, the industrial vacuum hose has a smooth inner wall, a corrugated outer wall, and a soft material that can withstand tearing. Extreme conditions such as cracking, twisting, chemicals, etc.; again, it has good mechanical properties, which can be applied to the different requirements of industrial production enterprises for vacuuming; finally, the industrial vacuum hose is degradable, which ensures that it is After completing its mission, it will not have harmful effects on the environment. At the same time, its movable and retractable function greatly reduces air pollution.
  Choose industrial vacuum hoses to give you a clean workshop. Let us start with environmental protection equipment to practice our environmental protection concept, so that industrial production is no longer an environmental problem that causes headaches, and let each of us realize that only a good production environment can ensure the sustainable development of the industry.
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