What are the advantages of high temperature resistant flexible hoses? How can I buy high quality high temperature air ducts?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-09
What are the advantages of high temperature resistant flexible hoses? How can I buy high quality high temperature air ducts?
  High temperature resistant air duct is the most common ventilation and exhaust duct in modern industrial production. Today I will introduce one of the most commonly used high temperature resistant flexible hoses on the market, LKE00400. The high temperature resistant flexible hose LKE00400 is a very flexible high temperature resistant air duct, which can be used in the temperature range of 400 degrees. The biggest advantage of this type of air duct is high temperature resistance and strong flexibility. It is a solution to high temperature silicone air ducts. The best choice for large size and difficult to transport. I believe that when many customers buy large-size high-temperature air ducts, such as 500mm or more, the air ducts that can withstand more than 300 degrees are currently the only common choice for high-temperature resistant flexible hoses and high-temperature vulcanized silicone air ducts. However, silicone air The tube can only be bent and cannot be stretched. If the size is as large as 500mm, if it cannot be stretched, the packing box will be very, very large, and it is not even easy to pack in a carton. However, if this kind of retractable high temperature resistant telescopic hose is used, the compression length of 500mm will not be To 1 meter, that is to say, the packaged volume diameter is about 500, and the length is less than one meter. This is very convenient for transportation, which not only saves costs, but also does not take up a lot of space when in use. The tube has higher temperature resistance and can be used below 400 degrees.

  High-temperature resistant flexible hose LKE00400 is made of imported high-quality glass fiber coated cloth (one layer) and high-strength fiber thread. The upper and lower ends of the material are clamped by metal clamps. Has good heat resistance, CP structure, wear-resistant protection is formed through the external clip shape; light weight, flame retardant according to DIN 4102-B1. This air duct is ultra-lightweight, extremely flexible in bending, compressible, and has good flexibility and flexibility. It is widely used in occasions requiring flame-retardant hoses; fire-fighting exhaust and air supply and exhaust in harsh environments where flame-retardant and fire-retardant are required, exhaust smoke, dust, high-temperature and humid gas from various machinery, airplanes, and automobiles.
  How can I buy high-quality high-temperature resistant telescopic ducts?
   1. Look at the surface of the duct: check the external and internal surfaces. The surface of a high-quality high-temperature air duct should be very smooth, free of stains, wrinkles, roughness and uneven spots.
  2. Look at the pitch of the air duct: The pitch of the elastic steel wire and the glass fiber thread are the same, and the winding is even.
  3. Look at the degree of duct bending: high-quality, high-temperature resistant telescopic duct products can bend freely and elastically
  4. Look at the duct manufacturing materials: Good high-temperature ducts are made of high-quality glass fiber coating, which is more resistant to temperature and corrosion.
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