What are the classifications of ventilation and dust suction pipes in industrial hoses, and how to choose?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-14
Among the industrial hoses, the more common ones are industrial hoses for ventilation and dust collection. The hoses used for ventilation and dust collection can be cloth high-temperature telescopic ducts or plastic hoses of glue. In the general application category, it is ventilated and dust-collecting, and it can be divided into many sub-categories. So, what are the main materials of the ventilation and dust suction hoses, and how to choose them? The following Hangzhou Haikuo editor will answer for you.
   Ventilation and dust suction hoses are divided into two types: ventilation hoses and vacuum hoses.
  Ventilation hose: mainly used for ventilation and exhaust, requiring temperature range;
   Dust suction hose: It is used to suck some particles or powder, and the main requirement is wear resistance.
  Ventilation hoses are classified according to different temperatures. For example, ventilation hoses with a resistance of less than 150 degrees include nylon cloth ducts, polyvinyl chloride flexible ventilation hoses, glass fiber composite ducts, aluminum foil ventilation hoses, polypropylene general telescopic ducts, and aluminum foil inner-clamped composite ducts. Red high-temperature hoses with resistance to 200 degrees or more, cloth-fitted telescopic ducts, etc

   Vacuum hoses are distinguished by abrasion resistance. There are two types of PVC vacuum hoses and pu vacuum hoses according to the major categories. According to the different friction properties, the vacuum hoses with different tube wall thicknesses are used. For example, the thickness of the tube is 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.9mm and so on. For some fine powders, Hangzhou Haikuo suggests that you can use a thinner tube wall, and for coarse particles and abrasion, you can use a thicker tube wall.
   Illustrate some common industrial ventilation and vacuum hose choices:
   such as kitchen range hood exhaust air using aluminum foil ventilation pipe, welding PP universal telescopic air pipe, tunnel mine fire smoke exhaust pipe using PVC retractable ventilation hose, and clean room ventilation pipe using aluminum foil inner composite wind tube. Red high temperature resistant hoses are used for the hot air exhaust of injection molding machine dryers, dehumidifiers, and high temperature resistant air pipes for machine tool oil mist adders.

   woodworking vacuum tube chooses 0.4mm and 0.6mm thick pu steel wire telescopic vacuum tube. Many consumers have used PVC dust suction pipes a long time ago, but PVC dust suction pipes are not wear-resistant, easy to age, and are easily damaged in winter. Therefore, the woodworking vacuum hose made of pu is used now. For example, the PCB drilling machine adopts a 0.9mm thick pu steel wire hose to change the dust, the printer’s ventilation and dust suction hose chooses a 0.9mm or 1.5mm thick wear-resistant pu hose, and the road sweeper hose chooses 1.5mm or more. pu steel wire vacuum tube and so on.
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