What are the differences and differences between the three types of inspection reports for food-grade hose SGS/USP/FDA?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-24
For a long time, many customers do not have a clear understanding of the certification of food-grade hoses, especially the food and pharmaceutical industry for the silicone hoses required to meet what kind of standards, requirements, and what test reports are available , There is no clear understanding. Some think that the SGS test report is needed, some think that the FDA test report is needed, and some think that the USP test report is needed. So which one is really needed by the customer?
   Firstly, I will introduce the difference between SGS and FDA. Generally, there are three types of test reports that customers know: SGS/USP/FDA. What are the differences and differences between these three types of test reports?
  1, FDA test report. FDA is a test method and test standard for different materials used in the food industry formulated by the US Food Hygiene Department. It is similar to the national standard for food packaging materials, but there is no special testing agency.
  2, SGS test report. In fact, the SGS test report is the collective name of all SGS agency testing material reports. SGS is an international testing agency in Switzerland. It can conduct a comprehensive test on food-grade hoses according to the needs of customers. The testing regulations can be based on the European Union and the US FDA. And the national standard and so on. SGS does not have its own special food hygiene regulations and certification standards.

  3, USP test report. USP testing reagents are living implants and product physiological testing, mainly for the physiological performance testing of materials used in the human body.
   Generally speaking, SGS is a testing platform, FDA and USP are two testing regulations. SGS can test according to different regulations according to the needs of customers. The results of food-grade silicone tube testing are collectively referred to as SGS testing report or testing regulations. Report.
  In general medical industry surgery or implantation in the body, the materials required must meet the USP certification report. However, when transporting some food, liquid medicine powder and other materials, the pharmaceutical hose only needs to meet the certification report of the FDA food sanitation regulations. When a pharmaceutical company is doing GMP certification and passing the test, it also needs to have the relevant FDA certification report.
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