What are the differences between medical platinum vulcanized silicone hoses and ordinary silicone hoses?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-18
With the development of medical technology, platinum vulcanized silicone hoses have replaced ordinary silicone hoses and become the mainstream of medical equipment. What are the advantages of platinum vulcanized silicone hoses over ordinary silicone hoses? Platinum vulcanized silicone hoses Compared with ordinary sanitary silicone hoses, what are the essential differences?
   Generally speaking, ordinary silicone hose is made of ordinary silica gel and traditional vulcanizing agent. The cost price is relatively low, but after a period of use, it will slowly turn yellow, and its physiological inertia will also be used for a long time. In the medical field, medical personnel have very high requirements for the quality and safety of food-grade hoses, sanitary hoses, pharmaceutical-grade silicone hoses, braided silicone hoses, and sanitary steel-wire hoses. It must ensure that it does not cause harm to human tissues, does not cause foreign body reactions after entering human tissues, and does not cause inflammation to surrounding tissues. The requirements that ordinary silicone hoses can meet are far from enough. The more and more popular platinum vulcanized silicone hoses, food-grade hoses, sanitary hoses, pharmaceutical-grade silicone hoses, braided silicone hoses, and sanitary steel wire hoses are made of high-grade imported silicone raw materials and two-component addition molding. Made of vulcanizing agent, compared with traditional vulcanizing agents, it has the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and odorless, high sanitation level, high transparency, anti-yellowing, non-toxic and odorless, long service life, physiological inertness, and biological aging resistance Features make it more reassuring to use.
   Now, platinum vulcanized silicone hose, sanitary hose, pharmaceutical-grade silicone hose, braided silicone tube, and sanitary steel wire hose belong to a kind of sanitary hose, which has been widely used in major medical institutions, but The more popular the product, the more people are paying attention. Some illegal businesses take advantage of this opportunity to resell fake and inferior platinum vulcanized silicone hoses. Then we must guard against being deceived. When buying, we must choose those formal manufacturers. , Shenzhen Hangzhou Haikuo Hose is a manufacturer specializing in the production of sanitary hoses. It has third-party certification that meets customer requirements to ensure non-toxic, environmental protection and safety.

  In accordance with the needs of the US FDA, food-grade hoses, sanitary hoses, pharmaceutical-grade silicone hoses, braided silicone hoses, and steel wire hoses must meet the following three conditions if they come into contact with food:
  A. It cannot release ingredients that are dangerous to human health. This requires that the product itself must not contain toxic substances, and that the product must have stable chemical characteristics and will not be corroded by natural oxidation.
   B. Can not cause unacceptable changes to the ingredients of the food. The product cannot chemically react with the things it comes into contact with, and the composition of the product itself cannot be changed due to contact with food.
  C, can not reduce the sensory characteristics brought by the food (change the taste, smell, color, etc. of the food).
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