What are the excellent characteristics of PU steel wire pipe, how to buy quality to guarantee

by:Haikuo     2021-06-23
What are the excellent characteristics of PU steel wire pipe, how to buy quality to guarantee
  Hangzhou Haikuo pu steel wire pipe is a kind of wear-resistant industrial dust suction pipe produced from German imported polyurethane TPU raw material with copper-plated steel wire. The PU steel wire hose is divided into 0.4mm and 0.6mm according to the wall thickness. , 0.9mm, 1.2mm, the thinner the wall thickness of the pu steel wire tube, the better its flexibility and bending performance. The 0.4mm PU steel wire hose is the most flexible to expand and contract. It has a higher frequency of expansion and contraction within the same time, and it is also easier to bend and roll. This kind of wall thickness steel wire expansion hose is suitable for woodworkers with high requirements for the expansion and bending performance of the pipe. Mechanical ventilation and dust collection.
What are the excellent characteristics of   PU steel wire pipe:
  1. Excellent abrasion resistance: Its Taber abrasion value is 0.35-0.5mg, which is the smallest among plastics. Adding lubricants can reduce friction, thereby further improving wear resistance.
  2. Tensile strength and elongation: The tensile strength of TPU is 2-3 times that of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, the tensile strength of polyester TPU is >60Mpa, the elongation is >410%, polyether The tensile strength of type TPU is 50Mpa, and the elongation is >550%.
  3. Oil resistance: The oil resistance of TPU is better than that of butadiene rubber, and it has an excellent oil resistance life.
  4. Low temperature resistance, weather resistance, and ozone resistance: TPU's weathering resistance is better than natural rubber and other synthetic rubbers. Its ozone and radiation resistance have special applications in the aerospace industry.
  5. Food hygiene: TPU has biocompatibility and anticoagulant properties, and medical TPU is more and more widely used. Such as blood transfusion, ureter, infusion tube. TPU does not contain enhancers, is non-toxic and tasteless, and is widely used in the food industry.
  6. Hardness range: The hardness of TPU is 1OA-80D. It has similar compression deformation characteristics below 15A. It still maintains elasticity when the hardness is above 85A, which is a characteristic that other elastomers do not have. Therefore, TPU has high load supporting capacity and good suction and discharge effect.
  7. TPU steel wire hoses are generally divided into polyester type TPU, polyether type TPU and polycaprolactone type TPU hoses.

  PU steel wire tube is guaranteed if you buy it like this:
   1. Different applications match different products. PU steel wire hoses are the same as other equipment accessories. Each different accessory product has different styles and sizes. For different customers, our application occasions And the demand is different, the demand for the product is also different. When choosing a PU steel wire tube, we must pay attention to this issue. Here we suggest that you pay attention to the model and size of your own equipment before choosing, and see what type of hose we actually need to use, so that we can use it later. The effect will be better.
  Second, price is not the first choice factor. You get what you pay for. Many people are more concerned about the price of buying equipment. They think that instead of spending a lot of money, it is better to buy low-priced products and use them first. We have to refute this point. Expensive products naturally have the reason that they are expensive, and their service life will be longer, which is very beneficial for long-term use. Therefore, we suggest that you do not regard the price as the first condition of the decision.
   3. Choose a regular manufacturer to ensure product quality. In the process of choosing wear-resistant hoses, we can see that there are indeed many similar products on the market, but a closer look shows that the quality of these products is very great. Why is this? Because some informal manufacturers may be immature in product production technology, and the product raw materials are not graded, so the quality of the products produced is not very good, and such as Hangzhou Haikuo The big brands are different. They do better in terms of production technology and product innovation, and the quality of the products they produce is guaranteed.
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