What are the excellent performance characteristics of Teflon materials?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-11
About 70 years ago, chemist Dr. Roy J. Plunkett invented polytetrafluoroethylene resin in DuPont's Jackson Laboratory in New Jersey, USA. DuPont used 'Teflon' as the product's Brand name. In China, due to the pronunciation, the trademark 'Teflon' is also called Teflon, Teflon, Teflon, Teflon, Teflon, etc., all of which are the transliteration of Teflon.
   Teflon material has been widely used because of its excellent performance once it was born. Now it has become one of the most common application materials in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical fields. Its characteristics are summarized as follows:
  Difficult adhesion:
  Teflon material, it is difficult to make sticky substances adhere to the surface, even if it adheres, it can be easily removed.
   Application example: Teflon hose is widely used in the transportation of gelatin, pectin and other high-viscosity colloids.
   Heat resistance:
   Teflon hose has excellent heat resistance that other hoses do not have, and can withstand extremely low temperatures.
   Continuous use temperature range: -70℃~+260℃(PTFE)
   Example of use: Teflon hose is used in the transportation of coolant in automobile engines and other machinery (the use temperature is below -45°C).
   Corrosion resistance:
  Teflon material is extremely inactive to almost all chemicals or solvents, so it has corrosion resistance. It has excellent effects in chemical drug delivery applications.
   Application example: Sanitary Teflon hose is used in the transportation of corrosive fluids in chemical production lines (liquid bromine, formaldehyde, chromic acid, etc.).
  Water and oil resistance:
  Teflon material is not easy to be wetted by almost all liquids, including water and oil, and can be used to prevent dirt and keep clean.
   Example of use: Teflon coating is often used for surface protection of analytical instrument components, raw material recovery tanks and other components.
  Abrasion resistance:
  Teflon material shows excellent wear resistance in bearing heavy load sliding. If combined with electroplating or anodized film, it can improve its hardness and wear resistance at the same time.
   Examples of uses: shafts, large water purifier pistons, automobile exhaust parts, wood circular saws, construction shock absorbers, elevator side panels, lubricating wear-resistant workpieces, etc.
  Electrical characteristics:
  General Teflon has an insulation stability of 1016Ωcm~1018Ωcm, which is a very excellent insulating material. However, the surface of other parts of the Teflon film has anti-static properties that can prevent static electricity from accumulating. During production, if static electricity accumulates, it is easy to cause dangerous events such as fire or explosion in the organic solvent air. In addition, the surface of the pipe with static electricity is easy to attract particulate dust and other substances, and electrostatic barriers are a major issue in many industries.
   Example of use: Insulation occasions: an insulating part, an insulating rod, etc., to prevent electrostatic fields from being combined with the copier rollers, liquid crystal glass substrates, and workpieces that need to prevent static electricity from accumulating.
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   Sanitary Teflon hose has a wide operating temperature range: -54°C to 232°C; it has excellent weathering resistance and is not easy to burn; the surface is not sticky, easy to high temperature sterilization, steam or detergent cleaning; The 304 stainless steel wire outer reinforced tube can be used in higher pressure environments to protect the inner tube. The hose meets or exceeds the size and pressure required by SAE 100R14! PTFE material is chemically inert, can provide long-term elastic life, low air permeability, and is not easy to burn , Is the material with the lowest coefficient of friction among all solid materials. Flush the hose before use to eliminate residues in the production process.
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