What are the excellent properties of PCB dust suction hoses

by:Haikuo     2021-06-24
What are the excellent properties of PCB dust suction hoses
  PCB drilling is a key process in the entire printed circuit board production process. my country has developed and produced PCB drilling machines since the 1990s. With the rapid development of my country’s PCB manufacturing industry, many domestic companies have developed and produced PCB drilling machines. A batch of drilling machines with better performance and higher precision. At the same time, the wear-resistant dust suction tube used on the drilling machine is made of wear-resistant polyurethane embedded with copper-plated steel wire. It is light and soft, easy to manage, convenient for transportation, saves storage space, and is resistant to wear. Resistant to mineral oil, ozone and aging. Thermal do not apply to the dynamic position of mechanical equipment.

   The vacuum hose used on the drilling machine must use a very wear-resistant PU steel wire vacuum tube, because the circuit board substrate is generally classified by the insulating part of the substrate, and the common raw materials are bakelite and glass Fiberboard, and all kinds of plastic boards. And PCB manufacturers generally use a kind of insulating part composed of glass fiber, non-woven material, and resin, and then press the epoxy resin and copper foil into a 'prepreg' (prepreg) for use. This kind of material is very abrasive, and the waste generated during drilling must use a wear-resistant suction tube with strong abrasion resistance for the pipe, and only the vacuum hose made of PU material can meet this requirement. , PU hose is the one with the highest wear resistance among similar plastic hoses, and its wear resistance and service life are more than 5 times that of ordinary hoses.
  What are the excellent properties of PCB dust suction hoses?
  1. Temperature range: Electronic devices are generally energized, and a certain temperature will be generated when energized. Therefore, these have certain requirements for the temperature range of the PCB dust suction hose.
  2. The internal smoothness of the hose: Some hoses used for PCB precision instruments have a relatively small caliber (PUR L DN26/PUR H DN20). If the pipe wall is not smooth enough, debris often accumulates, which may easily lead to machine failure.
  3. Flexibility: The hose used in electronic circuit equipment also has certain requirements for its flexural performance. Choose a suitable hose according to the actual situation.
  4. Pressure resistance: different environments have different working pressures, which requires PCB dust suction hoses to withstand a certain working pressure.
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