What are the industrial flammable and explosive dust? The main hazards of static electricity, anti-static hose can help you solve it

by:Haikuo     2021-06-15
What are the industrial flammable and explosive dust? The main hazards of static electricity, anti-static hose can help you solve it
   Anti-static hose, literally, is a hose to prevent static electricity. It is mainly used in suction occasions with static electricity. Using this product can eliminate static electricity caused by friction. At present, the anti-static hose is especially suitable for the suction and transportation of industrial flammable and explosive dust to prevent dust explosion accidents.
  Industrial flammable and explosive dust mainly includes the following categories
   1. Agricultural products: grains, flour, starch, milk powder, sugar, feed products
   2. Agriculture and forestry products: tobacco, wood dust, cotton fiber, flax fiber
   3. Metal dust: magnesium powder, aluminum powder, zinc powder
   4. Mineral products: coal powder, sulfur powder, phosphorous powder, coke dust, asphalt dust
   5. Petrochemical products: plastics, resins, petroleum rubber powder, antioxidants
   VI. Chemical dust: medicinal powders, pesticides.

   A large part of dust explosion accidents is caused by static electricity. The sparks caused by static electricity generated by friction make the dust explode. This is the problem we want to avoid. Anti-static hoses are usually used in suction occasions with static electricity to eliminate Static electricity caused by friction. Dust is combustible, which does not mean that it will explode. Research results show that dust explosion generally has three conditions:
   (1) Combustible dust is suspended in the air at an appropriate concentration to form what is often called a dust cloud.
  (2) There is sufficient air and oxidant.
  (3) There is a fire source or strong vibration and friction.
  Why use anti-static hose? What are the main hazards of static electricity:
   First, if friction or electric discharge occurs, it is likely to ignite explosive gas, mist, powder mixture, etc. In recent years, dust explosion accidents have occurred from time to time, but static electricity has not been effectively eliminated.
  Secondly, the phenomenon of electric discharge can also occur through the human body, causing serious electric shock. This kind of danger is even more unpredictable.
   Third, if a certain job is suddenly stopped, particulate matter, dusty matter, etc., will stick to the inner wall of the pipeline, and blockage will occur in severe cases for a long time.
   Fourth, it is easy to cause equipment failures. Failures must be repairs, which will inevitably incur costs. For the enterprise, it will cost a lot of money, but the gains outweigh the losses.
   Faced with this kind of electrostatic hazards, it is not impossible to solve them. Don't look at a small anti-static hose, but its function is very powerful, at least reducing the hidden dangers of business operations. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to select the appropriate anti-static hose to use in accordance with the actual situation of the enterprise. Hangzhou Haikuo produces anti-static hoses that are wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, flame-retardant, corrosion-resistant and anti-static.
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