What do I need to pay attention to when buying a vacuum hose for a sweeper? Can PU steel wire hose meet its needs?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-03
The vacuum hose of the sweeper is a large outdoor wear-resistant vacuum hose, which requires high quality, otherwise it is easily damaged by various particles and debris, which not only wastes money, but also spends more energy to replace Installed. So, what should you pay attention to when buying a vacuum hose for a sweeper? Hangzhou Haikuo editor will explain to you what you need to pay attention to when buying a vacuum hose for a sweeper.
  1. Production supplier: The production process of the vacuum hose of the sweeper is very demanding. At present, many hoses on the market are not qualified. Therefore, when choosing the vacuum hose of the sweeper, you need to check the brand. Pay special attention to the business. Shenzhen Hangzhou Haikuo Hose is a good choice for the production of super wear-resistant large-caliber PU steel wire hose.
  2. Hydrolysis resistance: The sweeper shuttles in the city every day, sucking a lot of garbage, and more or less will be exposed to water every day. Therefore, for the sweeper vacuum hose, its water solubility resistance must be Very good.
  3. Antibacterial: How many bacteria and viruses are in the trash? I don’t need to pay any attention to it. A very important indicator of the sweeper hose is that it has good antibacterial properties.
  4. Wear resistance: In the process of working, the vacuum hose of the sweeper will often come into contact with some hard objects. Therefore, the abrasion resistance of the hose of the sweeper must be good.
  5. Corrosion resistance: There will be more or less corrosive things in the garbage, and if the corrosion resistance is not good, it is easy to be corroded by the corrosive substances in the garbage, so good corrosion resistance is also basic One of the requirements.
  6. Flame retardant: In hot weather, the temperature will easily rise during work, and sometimes there is a cigarette butt on the ground. If the ignition point of the vacuum hose of the sweeper is very low, it is easy to cause If the hose catches fire, it is quite terrible.
  7. Discharge static electricity: Working in a dry climate, the amount of static electricity generated is very large, and the usual inconspicuous static electricity may cause unsafe hidden dangers to driving. People who have worked in electronics factories are all Know that static electricity is terrible. Therefore, the electrostatic discharge capacity of the vacuum hose of the sweeper also needs to have a certain standard.

  Hangzhou Haikuo Hose Editor recommends the use of thick-walled high wear-resistant PU steel wire hose as the dust collection tube for the road sweeper. The PU steel wire hose has superior performance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and freedom. Strong bending performance, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance fully meet the needs of road sweeper dust suction hoses.
  Through the compilation of the above editor, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of what to pay attention to when purchasing a vacuum cleaner tube for a sweeper. I hope this article can help readers and friends.
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