What is PU steel wire vacuum hose and how to identify the quality of steel wire vacuum hose

by:Haikuo     2021-06-18
What is PU steel wire vacuum hose and how to identify the quality of steel wire vacuum hose
   With the development of domestic industrial vacuum hose technology, many companies have replaced the original pvc hose with higher-quality pu steel wire vacuum hose, which is very typical of woodworking machinery and furniture factories. Most woodworking vacuum hoses used ordinary pvc hoses before, but because pvc hoses have poor wear resistance and become hard in winter, many companies have replaced them with PU wear-resistant steel wire hoses, which will be introduced below. This kind of pu steel wire vacuum tube.
   One, what is a pu steel wire vacuum hose?
  pu steel wire dust suction hose is made of polyester polyurethane (ESTER PU) hose, reinforced with spiral copper-plated steel wire. It has corrugated inner and outer walls, transparent, easy to stretch, light weight, soft, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, ultra-high strength and ultra-long service life, and can maintain the original shape under vacuum. It is a road sweeper, carving Machines, furniture factories and industrial vacuuming, suction and conveying of wear-resistant granular materials, etc.

   2. How to distinguish the quality of the PU steel wire vacuum hose?
   The quality of the PU steel wire vacuum hose is related to the safety of production. How to check the quality of the PU steel wire hose? It can be tested from the aspects of color, feel, tube inner diameter, etc. In the absence of any testing tools and testing conditions, we can roughly identify the quality of the PU steel wire vacuum hose based on vision, smell, touch and other senses.
   1. Observe whether the pipe diameter is regular and whether the wall thickness is uniform. The inner diameter and periphery of the high-quality PU steel wire dust suction pipe are standard round, and the annular pipe wall is evenly distributed.
  2. See the color of the hose visually. The wall of the high-quality PU steel wire suction tube is crystal clear and free of any impurities. The yellowish color of the defective PU steel wire hose may be caused by decomposition, aging, or long-term improper storage during the production process due to improper handling. Look at the color, the PU tube made of new materials has a natural bright color on the surface and feels very smooth.
  3. Smell the smell of the hose through the sense of smell. Except for a little plastic odor, the high-quality PU steel wire pipe has no odor of other petrochemical products. The inferior PU steel wire pipe has an unpleasant pungent diesel smell, especially in the hot summer, people can't get close.
  4. Cut a few centimeters of steel wire at both ends of the hose, and fold the steel wire repeatedly to test the strength and toughness of the steel wire. If the steel wire of poor quality is folded one or two times, it will break. The steel wire of high-quality Pu steel wire pipe needs special tools to cut off. The quality of the steel wire determines the quality of the entire pipe. The quality problem caused by the steel wire can easily cause irreversible deformation of the steel wire suction hose.
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