What is the difference between an antistatic hose with an antistatic agent and a static conductive hose with a copper wire

by:Haikuo     2021-06-11
What is the difference between an antistatic hose with an antistatic agent and a static conductive hose with a copper wire
  The principle that the anti-static hose can discharge the static electricity generated in the process of conveying the material in the hose out of the pipe. Nowadays, most of the static discharge hoses commonly used in the industry are made of polyurethane. Generally, copper wire or static conductive agent is sandwiched in the middle of the pipe wall, both of which can eliminate the static electricity generated by the material in the pipe wall.
  pu static conductive hose is a kind of static conductive agent mixed with polyurethane raw materials, and the tube wall of the produced hose has the characteristics of conductive static electricity. This kind of anti-static hose is similar to the characteristics of stainless steel hose, the pipe wall can transmit static electricity, so as to neutralize the electrostatic ions generated by friction during the material transportation process in the hose, thereby preventing material blockage and static electricity caused by static electricity. accident. The typical products of Hangzhou Haikuo recommend anti-static LKE00511.

   Color: Transparent, with ivory color spiral plastic reinforcement
  Temperature range: -20 °C / +100 °C, can withstand 120 °C for a short time.
  Characteristics: Polyether polyurethane pipe wall, reinforced with shockproof rigid PVC spiral plastic ribs, smooth inner wall and spiral texture on the outer surface. Lightweight, super wear-resistant and excellent anti-torsion performance. It is resistant to most chemicals and discharges static electricity through anti-static materials. Pumping and conveying of light dry food. Comply with the relevant regulations of EU food grade indicators.
  Application: usually used in suction occasions with static electricity, to eliminate static electricity caused by friction, especially suitable for abrasive solids, such as dust, powder, fiber, debris and granular; used for gaseous and liquid media, Industrial dust removal and suction, industrial vacuum cleaner, paper or fabric fiber suction, as an anti-wear and anti-static protection tube.
  Properties: wear-resistant protection, smooth interior, good chemical resistance, good UV and ozone resistance, small bending radius, no leakage of gas and liquid.
  Another type of anti-static hose is a layer of copper wire sandwiched between the wall of the hose, such as Hangzhou Haikuo PVC anti-static hose LKE00514. Since copper wire is a good conductor, it can conduct static electricity quickly and effectively, thus playing an anti-static effect. When transporting some wear-resistant materials, due to the friction between the material molecules, the positive and negative charges will be separated. This is the electrostatic ion often referred to. Since the tube wall is insulated, the generated electrostatic ions are It cannot be removed from the pipe wall in time. The accumulation of a large number of electrostatic ions for a long time will generate positive and negative charges at both ends of the hose, which will cause the transportation of materials to be blocked. To eliminate the positive and negative charges generated, it is necessary to export the electrostatic ions at both ends of the hose and guide them to the ground or connect them through wires to neutralize the positive and negative charges. At this time, the copper wire on the inner wall of the hose can quickly neutralize the ions at both ends through the connecting stainless steel at both ends. Ensure the normal transportation and circulation in the pipe wall. The anti-static hose with copper wire clamp is a kind of electrostatic conveying hose commonly used in the industry.

   Structure: PVC electrostatic hose, reinforced with rigid spiral PVC, embedded with conductive copper wire.
  Features: EU ROHS environmental protection material standards. The inner wall is smooth and the outer wall is corrugated.
  Application range: It is used for the suction and transportation of liquid and low abrasive materials under normal pressure. Such as powder, pellets, wood chips, liquid food industry, etc. The copper wire is grounded to conduct static electricity.
  Temperature range: -5°C to +60°C
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