What is the difference between PVC square rib hose and PVC round rib hose, which is more durable?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-21
What is the difference between PVC square rib hose and PVC round rib hose, which is more durable?
   When purchasing PVC plastic reinforced hoses, there are often two choices, one is the PVC square bone hose with a square frame on the surface and the PVC round bone hose with a round frame on the surface. Both PVC square rib pipe and PVC round rib pipe belong to PVC plastic reinforced hose. Customers often ask what is the difference between the two? Which is more durable? The editor will briefly introduce two different structures of PVC plastic. Rib hose.
  The materials used in the two plastic hoses are the same, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, which is bright in color, corrosion-resistant, durable, and due to the addition of plasticizers, anti-aging agents and other toxic materials in the manufacturing process Auxiliary materials to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc., so its products generally do not store food and medicine. PVC plastic rib reinforced hose is a spiral rib reinforced hose produced with soft PVC as the pipe wall and rigid PVC as the frame material. There are two main structures: square rib hose and round rib hose .
  1, PVC square rib hose
   Square tendon hose is also called beef tendon pipe or keel pipe, gray bone pipe, etc. In the early years, this kind of pipe used in China was mainly produced in Korea, mainly used for urban domestic water supply, sewage, farmland irrigation, and coal mines. , Oil field, marine equipment and other mechanical and electrical equipment for oil, chemical gas, water, also used for water pumps and air-conditioning drainage; air-conditioning and ventilation equipment.

  2, PVC round rib hose
  Round rib tube is very common in domestic production, the process is simple, and the application is also very extensive. In fact, there is no difference between the use of square rib tube and the square rib tube. The most important thing is only a process problem.

  What is the difference between the two types of PVC reinforced hose?
  1. The appearance of the PVC square rib pipe is a square plastic frame. The production process is divided by extruder. The frame and the pipe wall are extruded separately, and the frame is glued to the pipe wall. The biggest end of this process is that once the toughness of the purchased rigid PVC raw material is not good, the produced skeleton is easily broken. And the aging resistance of the exposed frame is slightly worse.
  2. The appearance of the PVC round-ribbed pipe is reinforced by a round frame. The production process is co-extrusion by an extruder. The frame and the pipe wall are extruded at the same time and the pipe wall encloses the frame. Because the rigid frame is wrapped in the pipe wall, Therefore, the aging resistance is better than that of the square rib tube.
   Generally speaking, no matter whether you choose PVC square-rib tube or round-rib tube, there is no difference in use. Both have smooth inner wall and enhanced outer spiral ribs. However, if square ribs are not required for special requirements, round ribs are recommended. Relatively speaking, when the same material is produced, the round bars are more durable than the square bars.
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