What is the difference between the packaging of PU steel wire hose which is compressed into strips and rolled into a circle?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-22
What is the difference between the packaging of PU steel wire hose which is compressed into strips and rolled into a circle?
  Industrial hose market has a dazzling array of products and a wide variety of products. PU steel wire hose is one of the most widely used products. When purchasing pu steel wire hose, many customers cannot confirm that the order is compressed into strips or rolled into one Circle-packed PU steel wire tube. In fact, the two differences are not very big, but some scenes require different requirements. For example, the vacuum hose of woodworking engraving machine is often compressed into a packaged tube, because the woodworking engraving machine needs to swing back and forth during the operation, so the vacuum tube needs to go back and forth. Telescopic and thinner PU steel wire telescopic dust suction tube is more suitable. The round-packed PU steel wire hose generally has a thicker tube wall and does not have telescopic performance. This kind of tube has abrasion resistance and strong pressure resistance, such as ceramic mechanical feeding pipes, high-speed rail EMU suction pipes, and sweeping floors. Car vacuum tube and so on. So what is the difference between these two packaging forms of PU steel wire hose?
   1. Compressed into a packaged pu steel wire hose, the wall of the tube is relatively thin, such as the wall thickness of 0.4mm, 0.6mm and other PU steel wire telescopic hoses, the most commonly used is 0.6mm, because the thickest Not very good compression. The standard length of this vacuum hose is 10 meters, and the compression ratio is generally about 1:4, 1:5. In other words, the length of the tube packed into a strip is a little over 2 meters. It must be said that this compressed and packaged tube has great advantages in transportation. For large-scale logistics, it is generally calculated by volume. However, such a compression is often calculated by weight, which reduces the cost a lot.
   High compression pu steel wire telescopic tube commonly used is divided into two types:
  0.4mm compression tube model is PU steel wire telescopic hose LKE501, compression ratio 1:5 is a highly transparent pu steel wire hose, polyester polyurethane (ESTER PU) hose, with spiral copper-plated steel wire strengthen. The inner wall is smooth, which makes the material flow more smoothly. Compressible (stretch ratio is 1:5), light and soft. It is resistant to abrasion, mineral oil and has good weather resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance. Especially suitable for dynamic working environment. Compared with the steel wire hose without a PU outer layer, this process makes the hose have stronger bending tension. It is halogen-free, and the raw materials are in compliance with EU REACH regulations and RoHS environmental protection directives. Wire grounding can discharge static electricity, in line with TRB S 2153 standard for discharge static electricity. It is commonly used to transport small particles, scraps, abrasive powders and chemical powders and other materials. It is mainly used for ventilation and dust collection in woodworking workshops and dust collection for woodworking engraving machines.

   0.6mm pu steel wire hose is translucent with frosted surface, the model is PU steel wire hose LKE502. This kind of thickness is a bit thicker, the compression ratio is smaller, about 1:4, with copper-plated plastic-coated steel wire reinforcement. Very light and soft, with an expansion ratio of 4:1. It is easy to take care of, easy to transport and can save storage space. Wear resistance, mineral oil resistance, ozone resistance, and aging resistance. Especially suitable for the dynamic position of machinery and equipment. It is halogen-free, raw materials comply with REACH regulations, and comply with RoHS environmental protection directives. The grounding of the spiral steel wire can discharge static electricity, which meets the standard of TRB S 2153. It can be used for conveying and sucking particles, scraps and abrasive powders. It is especially suitable for powder conveying and dust suction in woodworking and ceramic industries.
   2. The thickness of the pu steel wire hose rolled into a circle is relatively large, the thinnest is 0.6mm, the thickest is 2.5mm, but the domestic ones are generally 0.9mm thick. The standard length is 20 meters long. Because it is too long, it is rolled into a circle and packaged. And this kind of tube will be slightly stiffer than the telescopic packaged kind. For example, our 0.9mm thick PU steel wire hose LKE503, 1.5mm thick PU steel wire hose LKE505, these are not compressible into strips. It is also the most commonly used thickness on the market. These two wall thickness PU steel wire hoses have super wear resistance, and are often used in abrasive solids such as dust, powder, fibers, chips and particles, gas and liquid environments, for dust removal and suction workshops, PCBs Industrial vacuum cleaners such as drilling machine vacuuming, ceramic machinery cutting, high-speed rail EMU vacuuming, sanitation sweeper vacuuming, etc., paper and textile fibers, as wear-resistant protective tubes.

   Generally speaking, if you need to stretch back and forth, and a softer tube, then choose the compressed tube, if it is used for conveying abrasion or pressure, then choose a thicker tube and roll it into a circle. Pu steel wire hose. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can call the sales engineer of Hangzhou Haikuo Hose.
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