What is the difference between the vacuum tube material used in industrial vacuum equipment and household vacuum cleaners?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-15
What is the difference between the vacuum tube material used in industrial vacuum equipment and household vacuum cleaners?
   Whether it is a household vacuum cleaner or an industrial vacuum cleaner, the dust and waste it absorbs must pass through the vacuum hose to be transported to the trash can. Therefore, the performance of the vacuum hose is related to the normal use of the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners usually absorb some dust, powder, debris, particles, etc. Under high pressure and high speed operation, their wear force is actually very large. Therefore, when choosing a vacuum hose, you must pay attention to choosing strong wear resistance. of. In addition, in order to make the use of the vacuum cleaner more convenient and flexible, therefore, it is necessary to choose a softer and lighter hose. In addition to the above two points, when choosing a vacuum hose, you should also pay attention to the toughness and smoothness of the hose. With higher toughness, its service life will be longer, and good smoothness can be effectively and quickly transported. Waste. Vacuum hoses on the market are divided into industrial vacuum cleaner hoses and household vacuum cleaner hoses. Different vacuum cleaners use different materials for the vacuum hose. Below, the editor of Hangzhou Haikuo will introduce to you in detail what is the difference between the materials used for the two types of vacuum cleaner hoses.
   Vacuum hose material for household vacuum cleaners

   For household vacuum cleaners, they often just suck some dust. Even if there are particles, they are used very little. Therefore, household vacuum hoses do not need to be very wear-resistant, just use ordinary materials. At present, the most commonly used material for household vacuum cleaner hoses is EVA, because this material is very light and convenient to use. In addition to the EVA vacuum tube, there are also PE materials, but PE will be heavier than EVA, and some vacuum cleaners use PVC tubes, but no matter which type, the lightest is the EVA suction tube. Dust tube, EVA vacuum tube is also the most commonly used hose for household vacuum cleaners.
   Vacuum tube material for industrial vacuum equipment
  Industrial vacuum cleaner hoses are used in industrial production, and most of them are used for the absorption of waste and debris from the factory floor. Therefore, the requirements for friction are very high. Therefore, the primary condition of industrial vacuum cleaner hoses must be wear resistance. Among all plastic hoses, the most wear-resistant is the vacuum hose made of polyurethane pu material. This material can be said to be the most wear-resistant among similar plastic materials. At present, the PU steel wire vacuum tube on the market is the most used vacuum tube on industrial vacuum cleaners. PU steel wire suction pipe is a kind of industrial suction pipe that is both wear-resistant and anti-static. Its wall thickness has three conventional wall thicknesses of 0.4mm, 0.6mm, and 0.9mm. The higher the thickness, the stronger the wear resistance. It can be used for suction and transportation of abrasive particulate materials, and the anti-static function can be realized through the grounding of the spiral steel wire.

  To sum up, the most suitable industrial vacuum cleaner hose is pu steel wire vacuum hose, and the most suitable household vacuum cleaner hose is EVA vacuum hose. Of course, the editor introduces only general vacuum cleaners. If some are non-standard or used in special industries, it is still based on the specific vacuum cleaner manufacturer's standard. As a well-known domestic manufacturer of industrial hoses, Hangzhou Haikuo Hose can provide vacuum cleaner manufacturers with a one-stop solution for vacuum hoses. Welcome to inquire.
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