What is the difference between TPR flexible duct and TPE flexible duct material

by:Haikuo     2021-06-20
TPR flexible duct and TPE flexible duct have light weight, highly flexible bending, high temperature stability, good chemical resistance, and excellent ozone resistance. This hose can isolate the noise generated during air delivery. Excellent anti-ultraviolet performance, grounding can discharge static electricity, excellent compression performance, extremely high tensile resistance, natural rubber-like comfortable feel, meeting REACH certification requirements. As a suction pipe and transportation pipeline, it is mainly used in air compressors, petroleum industry, and printing industry. Air conveying in the mechanical automation industry can also be used as a pipe for ventilation devices. So what is the difference between TPR flexible duct and TPE flexible duct material? Hangzhou Haikuo editor will explain it for you.

  一. The difference between TPE and TPR
  TPE,thermoplastic-elastomer. The Chinese name is thermoplastic elastomer, which is the collective name for all thermoplastic elastomers. Contains thermoplastic polyurethane TPU, thermoplastic polyester elastomer TPEE, thermoplastic dynamic vulcanization elastomer TPV, and styrene thermoplastic elastomer SEBS, SBS and its modified materials TPES.
  TPR,thermoplastic-rubber. Refers to thermoplastic rubber.
   In the Chinese region, TPE and TPR are usually referred to as styrene elastomer SEBS, SBS modified material TPES. Domestic users usually equate TPE and TPR as a material. However, domestic TPE manufacturers are used to The elastomer modified with the SEBS substrate is called TPE, and the elastomer modified with the SBS substrate is called TPR.
  二. How to distinguish between TPE and TPR
   The TPE and TPR mentioned here still refer to styrene series thermoplastic elastomers.
   1. Appearance: TPE, the appearance is matte or sub-surface particles; TPR, the appearance is bright particles.
  2. Combustion characteristics: TPE has a light aroma when burning, and the burning smoke is relatively small and light; TPR burning has a heavier smell, and the burning smoke is more and thick.
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