What kind of air duct is the telescopic ventilation hose used for tunnels, mines, and fire exhaust smoke?

by:Haikuo     2021-05-30
Ventilation hoses used in tunnels, mines, and fire-fighting exhaust smoke on the market are generally connected to fans for air extraction or exhaust, and they use relatively large-diameter ventilation pipes. Hangzhou Haikuo telescopic air duct LKE00410 is usually used. This air duct is made of plastic rubber bone wrapped with steel wire as the skeleton, and orange plastic mesh cloth is used as the tube body. There is a metal ring every one meter on the tube body, which can be convenient to fix the air tube. , The product stretches and turns, connects freely, is light in size, resistant to high temperature, abrasion, pressure, acid and alkali, flame retardant, and insulated. Coordinated ventilation equipment is widely used for air supply, exhaust, and dust collection in harsh working environments such as computer rooms, basements, tunnels, municipal pipeline engineering, underground cable maintenance, mechanical shipbuilding engineering, fire rescue smoke exhaust, and so on. It is a must-have choice for portable exhaust fans!
  The tunnel ventilation hose adopts an independent thickened tail ring, and the pipe body is equipped with a metal D-shaped buckle, which makes the connection between the pipe head and the pipe tail stronger, and can be used for hoisting and fixing the air pipe. The orange-yellow PVC flame-retardant mesh fabric is more beautiful. High-carbon steel wire wrapped in black PVC rubber bone. Various colors: red, yellow, silver, gray. Wear-resistant, easy to stretch and turn, can be used for positive and negative pressure pumping and air supply, diverse materials: flame retardant, anti-static, cold resistance, oleic acid resistance, anti-aging, rope straight (belt buckle horn) nozzle, convenient cover Then extend.

   Tunnel, mine special ventilation hose, support method of fire exhaust pipe:
   1. The ventilation hose is used for hoisting or fixing the ventilation pipe with the D-shaped metal lifting ring of the pipe body.
  2. Make a fixed bracket on the top or pull down the suspender, try to fall to the middle position.
  3. Make a fixed bracket on the ground that exceeds the height of the air outlet of the fan to support the straight pipe part above the soft joint, and do not let the air pipe shake.
   With the development of industry, there are more and more manufacturers of ventilation hoses, which leads to the uneven quality of the production of ventilation pipes. In order to save costs, many manufacturers use poor duct cloth and the spacing of steel rims is also increasing. The wider, this makes the pressure resistance worse when using the air duct. Hangzhou Haikuo Hose has always adhered to the policy of striving for survival by quality. The telescopic ducts produced are definitely high temperature and negative pressure ventilation hoses. Our products have a denser steel wire spacing, and the thickness of the cloth used is more than 0.35mm. At present, the company's production workshop area is about 1,200 square meters, with an annual output of more than 500,000 meters. The company has an excellent management team, advanced production technology and equipment, and a complete product quality inspection system. The ventilation hoses produced have passed CE, SGS certification and are recommended by many well-known companies. You can call for free samples.
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