What matters should be paid attention to during the selection, installation and use of steel wire hose?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-01
What matters should be paid attention to during the selection, installation and use of steel wire hose?
  PU steel wire hose refers to a steel hose reinforced by PU material with spiral copper-plated steel wire, galvanized steel wire, and stainless steel wire. In the current machinery industry, industrial dust collection, material transportation, plastics or chemical and pharmaceutical industries, PU wear-resistant steel wire pipes are used more and more in various industries, and they have become high-quality substitutes for other hoses. PU steel wire hose has a very wide range of use, abrasive solids, such as dust dust, fiber, woodworking sawdust, dust suction hose for motor cars, anti-aging fecal suction hose, woodworking machinery hose, ceramic machinery hose, Dust pipes, blanking hoses, debris and granular materials in ceramic factories. Gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper or accumulated fiber suction. What matters should be paid attention to during the selection, installation and use of steel wire hose?
   1. Determine the diameter of the hose. Wire hoses are generally connected by throat clamps. You need to determine the diameter of the hose before buying. Generally speaking, the diameter of the wire hose refers to the inner diameter of the hose.
   Second, determine the type of hose, anti-static or conductive. According to the different materials to be transported, determine the type of hose required. The static conductive hose is mainly used to transport some substances that are prone to static electricity.

   Third, how to link the hoses? Due to the limitation of the steel hose in the production process, the length standards of vacuum hoses produced at home and abroad are usually 10m, 15m, 20m. Usually no more than 20m, some large diameter hoses are usually about 10m, and the longest is no more than 20m. Many customers use the length to exceed 20m. At this time, the hose needs to be connected to the hose. This connection method generally uses a relatively short hard tube with a hose at both ends, and then locks it with a clamp. When encountering some special use requirements, ordinary hard pipes cannot meet the requirements, and stainless steel joints must be used for connection.
   Fourth, determine the wall thickness of the hose, based on pressure, etc. Generally speaking, the thicker the wall thickness of the hose, the worse the bendability and the better the wear resistance. Therefore, the selection will be determined according to the wear resistance and pressure resistance of the conveyed material.
   Fifth, under normal circumstances, it should be within the appropriate temperature and the indicated range. One of the main purposes of this is to better protect the hose.
   Sixth, at the same time, you should also have an understanding of the assembly situation. During the assembly process, the hose size should be selected. During the installation and use process, the shape of the hose should be Properly deal with it.
   Seventh, there should be regular inspections, and if abnormalities are found, they should be truthfully registered.
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