What special environments can the PTFE tube be used in?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-17
⑴. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance
Because the PTFE tube is made of special PTFE hose, high temperature resistant braided mesh and Japanese advanced technology stainless steel double buckle spiral hose, it is suitable for special environments of high temperature, corrosion and high pressure.
This product can accept 250℃ high temperature steam inside the hose under the pressure of 3kg/cm2, and the skin temperature does not exceed 60℃ to ensure the safety of operation.
This product can be used normally under the steam pressure of 10kg/cm2.
⑵. Light weight, strong flexibility
This product has been specially installed and treated, and the hose with a total length of 2m (including the joints at both ends) weighs only 500 grams. Greatly reduce the working intensity of the operator, together with strong softness, bend freely, and prevent ventilation without killing the pleats.
⑶. Strong resistance to destruction
Because this product adopts Japanese advanced technology stainless steel double buckle self-locking spiral hose for maintenance, it can accept 180kg tension without damage during normal use.
⑷. Durable
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