What technical requirements does the PU steel wire hose used in the woodworking machinery vacuum industry need to meet?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-11
Pu steel wire hose is generally used in suction occasions, there are abrasion-resistant solids, such as dust, woodworking dust suction hose, woodworking machinery supporting dust suction hose, ceramic machinery supporting blanking hose, powder, fiber and debris And industrial dust removal and suction. What technical requirements does the PU steel wire hose need to meet before it can be used in the woodworking machinery industry?
  PU steel wire pipe is a high-quality anti-wear protection pipe, usually used in suction occasions, retractable, high wear protection, wear resistance 6 times higher than most rubber materials, softer PVC 5 times higher. The interior is smooth to optimize flow characteristics, extensibility, high tensile strength and tear strength. Good resistance to minerals, oils and chemicals, good resistance to ultraviolet rays and ozone, and low temperature expansion. The bending radius is small, not easy to kink, does not contain softener and halogen, does not leak gas and liquid, UL94-HB standard, meets ROHS regulations, and can discharge static electricity through spiral wire grounding. The static electricity generated during the operation of the vacuum equipment can be eliminated in time to eliminate potential safety hazards.

  PU steel wire hose is made of copper-plated spiral elastic steel wire firmly implanted into the tube wall to optimize the external fluidity. The tube wall is made of super wear-resistant polyurethane material, the wall thickness is about 0.9 mm, and it can withstand about -40°C. To the temperature range of +120℃, the temperature can reach 150℃ in a short time.
   Woodworking vacuum pipes are mainly divided into PVC woodworking vacuum pipes and PU woodworking vacuum pipes on the market.
   Everyone knows that PVC dust suction pipes are easy to break in winter and the pipe wall is very brittle. To avoid this problem, we use polyurethane TPU material with very high wear resistance, temperature resistance and aging resistance, which is flexible, resistant to bending and bending. , It will not become brittle at minus 40 degrees, and its excellent performance is definitely the best choice for woodworking vacuum cleaners. The service life is 3-5 times that of PVC woodworking vacuum pipes.
   PU steel wire hose material requirements
   The conventional material of PU steel wire hose is copper-plated steel wire, which supports greater pressure, and greatly improves the appearance of the beautiful, and can be customized into stainless steel wire according to customer needs, which can withstand this situation More pressure.
  The relationship between the diameter of the steel wire and the diameter of the PU steel wire pipe
   Generally speaking, the diameter of the steel wire is selected according to the inner diameter of the vacuum tube. The smaller the pipe diameter, the thinner the steel wire used, and as the pipe diameter increases, the steel wire we use becomes thicker and thicker. In this way, the pressure it bears is also greater, and the diameter of the steel wire and the size of the pipe wall can be increased according to the needs of customers to meet the pressure of the hose.
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