Why does the stainless steel hose burst?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-19
Known from fluid mechanics, in a pressurized pipeline, when water moves in the pipeline at a flow rate, when the valve in the pipeline is suddenly closed or opened, the flow rate of the water in the pipeline will change sharply. The inertia effect of the water will inevitably cause the water pressure in the pipeline to rise or fall, along with the sound of water hammering. This is the water hammer phenomenon.'
  The stainless steel hose flows down the valve. When valve 1 is suddenly closed, the downstream water will continue to move forward due to inertia. Part of the vacuum will appear, causing the water pressure in the tube to fluctuate and drop. As the corrugated stainless steel hose body, the corrugated tube is composed of a ring or a spiral. The tube shape has a certain degree of elasticity, and the wall thickness is relatively thin (usually 0.15~0.50nlln), so it will shrink; when the valve 1 suddenly turns on the water flow, the water pressure in the pipe fluctuates and rises again. Then the corrugated stainless steel hose is forced to expand and follow the continuous opening and closing of valve l, and the pressure of the water flowing through the corrugated stainless steel hose also periodically changes. The pressure of the water is 2 and the frequency of force pulsation is similar to that of the corrugated stainless steel hose. The rate of expansion and contraction coincides with each other.
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