Why is the PU steel wire hose so popular?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-03
Why is the PU steel wire hose so popular?
  PU steel wire hose has a very wide range of use, abrasive solids, such as dust powder, fiber, woodworking sawdust, dust suction hose, anti-aging fecal suction hose, woodworking machinery hose, ceramic machinery Hoses, vacuum hoses for ceramic factories, blanking hoses, debris and granular materials. Gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper or accumulated fiber suction. The editor of Hangzhou Haikuo explains why PU steel wire hose is so popular for you?
   First, the PU steel wire hose has good wear resistance. It is understood that there will be no problems with continuous use for more than ten years. The use of such materials in the industry can greatly reduce the frequency and cost of maintenance and save more money for the industry. This material has high hardness and high strength, but the weight is relatively light. Easy and safe installation.
   Second, the heat resistance and corrosion resistance of PU wear-resistant hoses are very good, because in some industries, they may come into contact with some relatively corrosive items, or the working environment is relatively harsh. However, the material will not be affected, and it can still be used normally to ensure work efficiency.
   Third, the inside of the PU steel wire tube is relatively smooth, there are no gaps, and there is no phenomenon of blocking the powder.
   Fourth, there are many types of PU steel wire hoses, with various caliber sizes and tube wall thicknesses. Customers can choose different types according to their actual conditions.
   Fifth, the commonly used connection methods are: threaded connection, flange connection, and clamp connection. Which connection method the customer chooses mainly depends on the specific application conditions of the PU steel wire hose and the conveying medium.

   High-quality PU steel wire hose can be tested in terms of color, feel, tube inner diameter, etc. In the absence of any testing tools and testing conditions, we can roughly identify the quality of the PU steel wire hose based on vision, smell, touch and other senses.
   1. Observe whether the pipe diameter is regular and whether the wall thickness is uniform. The inner diameter and periphery of the high-quality PU steel wire pipe are standard round, and the annular pipe wall is evenly distributed.
  2. The structure of the PU steel wire tube product is that the steel wire is embedded in the inner wall of the hose. The good quality tube should be tightly inlaid without gaps, and will not allow air and water to enter the room. If the PU steel wire tube The steel wire inlay is not tight enough, which has a great impact on the quality of the product, because such a situation seriously affects the mission life of the PU steel wire pipe. The main hazard is that it is easy to enter water and air in the place where the inlay is not tight. Under the double action of air, rust of the copper-plated steel wire will appear. If this happens, if the hose needs to have a certain telescopic movement during use, the friction between the hose and the pipe wall will increase. It is easy to cause unnecessary damage to the pipe wall, which greatly affects the service life of the PU steel wire pipe.
  3. The wall of the high-quality PU steel wire tube is crystal clear without any impurities. The yellowish color of the defective PU steel wire hose may be caused by decomposition, aging, or long-term improper storage during the production process due to improper handling. Look at the color, the PU steel wire hose made of new materials has a natural bright color on the surface and feels very smooth.
  4. The high-quality PU steel wire pipe has no smell of other petrochemical products except a little plastic smell. The inferior PU steel wire pipe has an unpleasant pungent diesel smell, especially in the hot summer, people can't get close.
  5. High-quality PU steel wire hose, whether it is industrial grade or food-grade PU steel wire hose, has smooth inner and outer pipe walls and feels good, while low-quality pipes are rougher.
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